Traditional Values. Traditional Value.

At Harbison Hall, we strive to provide our residents with amenities that they need to empower them to continue to live a fulfilling life.  Our goal is to provide a sense of security by having qualified staff members available to assist at the appropriate level of need.

Our amenities are numerous.  An onsite salon is available to keep residents looking good when they socialize with neighbors and family.  They can dine in our spacious, tastefully decorated dining hall three times a day.  Our garden is beautifully manicured providing an area for residents to stroll and enjoy each other’s company outdoors.  We offer linen services, scheduled transportation and many other perks to our residents.

Harbison Hall Assisted Living Facility, Columbia, SC

Relax in ourBeautiful Garden

Our garden brings peace and comfort to residents and their families.  It is designed for residents to enjoy the outdoor space while receiving the health benefits that nature affords.  It provides a space to socialize and relax.

There is a pattern of evidence that suggests that well designed gardens can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and relax people. Also there is research that shows experiencing nature and looking at gardens reduces pain. Nature seems to reduce pain by blocking stress and reducing the extent to which residents focus on themselves and their discomfort. (Ulrich, 1991)

Immaculately Decorated Living Spaces

Harbison Hall Assisted Living Facility, Columbia, SC

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