Why Choose Harbison Hall?

We offer a beautiful, safe and comfortable environment for all of our unique and wonderful residents. Our professional staff strives to provide a positive and caring environment for all of our residents to enjoy.  They are here to support an independent lifestyle while assisting with routine activities that people do every day.

Services We Offer

24-Hour Staff
We employ experienced staff who provide personal care to our residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our qualified, compassionate staff strives give every individual personalized attention.
Housekeeping and Linen Services
We desire to give our residents the best quality and comfort of a clean environment. We take care of day to day chores so that residents can do what they enjoy and spend time with friends and family.
Mobile Nurse
A mobile nurse conducts medical checks and consultations with residents.
Medication Management
We understand the importance of competent medication monitoring and management. Residents can rest assured that they will be closely monitored taking into account their individual medication needs.
Meals Prepared by Registered Dietician
Our residents never need to be concerned with preparing their food or grocery shopping. We provide delicious home cooked properly balanced meals prepared from healthy and natural ingredients.

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Harbison Hall strives to meet each residents needs in a way that maximizes and supports an independent lifestyle.

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We would love to meet with you us for an assessment or consultation. Take a tour of our facility and experience the value we offer for yourself.

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